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About Us

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Managing Partner

Neil is the Founder and Managing Partner of Livero Group and its brands including Mine Recruitment. During almost 20 years experience within the recruitment sector Neil has formed a clear vision of how a recruitment company should be structured to achieve maximum results for clients and job seekers.

Neil is a techie at heart and not only has he fully embraced technological advancements and AI to improve our processes but actually implemented his own ideas to make Mine Recruitment's proprietary recruitment intelligence system incredibly efficient.

Neil has had multiple exits within the tech, recruitment and retail sectors and his passion for and experience in business benefits Livero Group and all group brands equally. He has great knowledge of and feel for trends, advancements and growth within the recruitment sector and keeps our finger on the pulse. 


Executive Search



Phone: +44 (0) 203 839 4823


Operations Director

Tabea has extensive knowledge of AI powered candidate sourcing, automation and bleeding edge technology.


She maintains an environment that allows our consultants to focus on building long-term relationships and managing the hiring processes smoothly.


She is also our champion for DE&I.


Automation & Technological Advantages



Phone: +44 (0) 203 839 4823

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"Our mission is to create fair career chances and supportive team environments within the mining sector. We are strong believers in diversity and inclusion in teams to increase tolerance and improve employee satisfaction.


At Mine Recruitment we have extensive experience in translating client-specific diversity priorities into inclusive recruiting processes."

Neil Ray


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We understand that mining is a human endeavour and strongly believe in equal career opportunities for all genders and ethnicities as well as disability inclusion. As a diverse team with a diverse leadership team we understand the advantage of diversity in teams and help our clients to achieve an advantage on the market through better team dynamics, and ensure local employment so the workforce represents the country where our clients operate.


At Mine Recruitment we recognise our clients’ duty to ensure that the operations are conducted in a way that causes the smallest possible harm to our environment and to actively improve the way we protect our planet and local communities. We understand the importance of sustainability and the protection of the world be live in and take it into consideration throughout the hiring process. We only work with candidates and mining companies who share our values.

Retention & cost savings

We developed a scientific behavioural assessment tool, T.A.P. AI, which leverages bleeding-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence as well as behavioural science to solve challenges mining companies face when hiring. We align geographically dispersed stakeholders in real-time and increase retention rates to 100% in year 1 and 96% in year 2 whilst saving you 100's of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs from unsuccessful hires who don't even make their first year's anniversary, making us a cost-reducing service.

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